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Our aim is to emphasise player experience and amplify game design through sound.

Surgeon Simulator 2


The Bradwell Conspiracy








"Still funny after seven years - and now there’s an actual game to go with it"

- Rock Paper Shotgun









"Röki looks beautiful... and sounds it too"

- Eurogamer








"Masterful sound design... my partner in crime"

- Austin Wintory

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Ali’s technical ability and understanding of the technical affordances and constraints of game development make him an invaluable member of the team. His ability to collaborate equally effectively with developers, artists, level designers et al is crucial.

Ali perfectly internalised the creative goals of the project, he achieved this through a deep understanding of the role and possibilities of sound design in games.

Nate Gallardo

Lead Designer - Surgeon Simulator 2

Ali was a joy to work with; he exhibited deft skill with his audio engineering and was able to provide us EXACTLY what we needed and more. Ali was able to offer us support, suggestions and ideas while ultimately meeting the requested spec. on time and on budget. Working with someone from across he globe could have been a nightmare, but working with Ali was nothing short of a dream.

Nicholas Ditzler

Business Lead / Dire Nerd Studios

Ali was a pleasure to work with. He had a great knowledge of his tools and how they integrate into a UE4 workflow. He provided excellent determination and accountability with all his work, even until the last second of development. Would love to work with him again in the future.

Jack Vernasco

Lead Programmer - Hollow Robot

Ali’s commitment to the job was highly commendable, he did what it took to get the job done, and with a smile on his face

Morgan Stone

Head of Production at ESGN TV

Ali Tocher is a dedicated and talented sound designer who helped our Veil VR installation become a great success.

Tom Szirtes

Project Lead - Veil VR Exhibit

Masterful sound design… my partner in crime.

I would put my music in his hands on any project, unhesitatingly.

Austin Wintory

Composer - Journey, Bradwell Conspiracy, Assassin's Creed