It takes love, care and attention to make great games. We give our projects our all because we want them to sound great. 

Audio focuses attention. We help to guide and immerse a player in the world of your game.

Attention to detail is key. It’s not sexy to say so but great games are made on the back of great spreadsheets.


Remote working is becoming more common. Luckily, we’ve been doing it for years. The key to this has been effectively determining how we communicate with our collaborators. For each project we assess the best way of plugging into the team so as to a) present the work we’re doing, but crucially, b) stay connected to what other departments are doing. For some that's slack channels and daily standups, or regularly visiting the studio. Others like to send long emails at 3am. We're cool with all of it, because it makes for better sounding games.

Design Intent

Audio is flavour, it’s flash, it’s polish, it’s content. Yes. But for us it is also heavily tied to design. What information is this sound conveying? How often is it heard? Can we implement it efficiently?

We think through these questions each time we make an asset or design a music system. Design with intent, focused on the player experience. We think that's what makes games sound great.