Audio Direction

Whatever your game requires to make it sound great, and a driving force to get it there.

Adaptive Music Systems

We collaborate with composers and empower them to make full use of the wonderful array of dynamic tools that modern game designers have at their disposal.

3D Audio

Spatialisation, ambisonics, HRTF are really exciting to us


Performing and recording bespoke sounds for your game

Quality Assurance

We work with your issue tracking to identify and smooth out all audio issues. We’re also weirdly talented at finding edge case bugs of all kinds.


We can manage voice over from casting to implementation. We also have experience with generative “babble” and other voice replacements.

Audio Branding

Creating idents and audio for marketing purposes

Middleware Implementation

Wwise, FMOD, Fabric, Unity 5 Native, Unreal Native

Physics Audio Systems

Again using the power of our technology to efficiently create expansive systems to allow for a myriad of gameplay possibilities.

Check out our work on Surgeon Simulator 2