Miniblog #4: Unity3D 5.4.x – Hidden low level Audio Settings

If you are importing audio in Unity3D (whether you are using the native audio tools or a solution such as Fabric) there are some SUPER-IMPORTANT low level audio settings that I didn’t find for quite some time. To my knowledge these options need to be set per audio file.

To find these options, locate your audio file in the Project explorer, click on it and the following should appear in the Inspector window.


blue-arrow_sm These settings have changed slightly in 5.4. Forcing to Mono is not an “un-useful” option to have – (but I would always do this in my DAW), but Normalisation scares me! The new layout seems to imply that Normalisation only occurs if you Force To Mono but I wouldn’t risk it. I don’t use the Load In Background function but this is what it does.

Tgreen-arrow_smhe override checkbox is unchecked by default and so the above settings are standard on all audio files that you import into Unity. Now Vorbis is much much better sounding than it used to be but did you know that your sounds were being Compressed to .ogg by default? Hopefully you did but I thought I’d check!

A question for you

Am I missing something here? Is there a way to set these setting globally for a project rather than individually on each file? I’d love to know.