THE BRADWELL CONSPIRACY – Unity/Fabric – Design of all audio and systems, music implementation, dialogue trees


“You wake up, disoriented – your throat ragged and raw. Engulfed by smoke, the ceiling continues to collapse all around. You desperately try to recall what happened; Stonehenge… Bradwell Electronics… AN EXPLOSION! Suddenly, you remember – it’s imperative you escape! …but how?!”

A first person Narrative adventure game with puzzle mechanics and a heavily stylised musical soundscape.





  • Interwoven music and sound effects – working with such a distinguished composer it was imperative to let the music shine through. We were given a long leash to be creative and non-traditional with our approach
  • Player’s narrative experience – the player is essentially alone for a lot of this game so it was essential to make it feel like everything in the audio scape was happening to the player and driving their narrative
  • Destruction – lots of small obstacles are in the player’s path, but also very large obstacles are falling on them from above. Handling large violent sequences while maintaining dialogue clarity was a big focus
  • Facility Sound Designer – we devised a conceit that the Bradwell facility had a sound designer in fiction. This enabled some scope to add some elements that otherwise would not have been diagetically logical
  • Dialogue System – The narrative of this game is carried by dialogue. The systems to control this were a key focus
  • Evolving soundscapes – Levels had through running audio narratives that connected the spaces, rather than disparate athmospheres. Relatively complex systems were employed to control these
  • Minimal code support – With the creation of a few scripts it was possible to handle the full audio, music and dialogue implementation with very little code support
  • Audio lead, interfacing with code team, art lead, modellers, animators, composer to efficiently produce and iterate content
  • Long production time, over 3 years worked on project
  • .git source control, YouTrack task/bug tracking