ADVENTURER MANAGER 2.0 PATCH – Unity – Overworld ambiences, redesign of combat SFX, audio easter eggs


Adventurer Manager is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that references early Gameboy era JRPGs. Lots of loot and inventory management. The game was first released on Steam in 2014 and has picked up a loyal following. LookListen didn’t work on the original game or its audio but was asked to revitalise the audio for a large 2.0 patch.





  • Not stomping on old design – as this game already had a 100k player base I wanted to be sure to not present them with a completely changed audio experience (as much as my ear wanted to make the changes), instead I looked for gaps in the audio space
  • Player usage testing – leveraging the fact that there was an active community I researched the screens/areas that players spent the most time on and focused on those
  • Easter egg player rewards – in these common areas a dropped sonic easter eggs that would trigger if a player spent a significantly longer than usual time in a space, rewarding those who put large amounts of time into the game
  • More ambience – each overworld and dungeon environment got an ambient track, these had very strong art style and described very unique races, particular attention to the game’s lore enabled ambience that provided an insight into the lives of the races
  • Keeping it simple – this project was developed by an amateur collective of people across the world, distilling ideas into achievable forms was key
  • Repetition cleanse – providing variations and randomised playback / DSP enabled me to rid the original sound design of it’s most distracting characteristics
  • Learning to work with remote team in the US
  • Keeping things achievable for stretched team
  • Unity native implementation