GOTTA GO – Unity/Scripting – Music direction and implementation, musical voice system, dynamic ambience


Gotta Go is a 3D Isometric Simulation of a universally relatable situation: being in an unfamiliar place with an urgent need to go to the bathroom. With pressure mounting, the clock ticking, and no clue where the bathroom is, you must make your way across the office avoiding co-workers’ inane blathering, HR’s ever-watching gaze and the boss’s wrath to find your porcelain sanctuary.
Set in a 1990’s cubicle-farm Gotta Go combines arcade style gameplay with lighthearted humour to create a fun pick-up-and-play experience that will have you challenging yourself and asking for more. LookListen collaborated with a great composer (, for this reason I wanted to have all of the audio blend and interact with the music.




Composer: Mihali Paleologou –


  • Musicality of SFX – music was one of the key design directions given for this game, all hard SFX are tuned and triggered rhythmically to compliment music
  • Silly subject matter – the premise of this game is intentionally silly, tone of audio needed to match this theme
  • Player information – this is ostensibly a puzzle game, timing and skill are required to traverse the game, sound informed the player of threats and opportunities
  • Vocal rhythm – NPCs speak to you frequently in this game, the music was hip hop, voice was created using effected trombones that played in key with music but also had a rap flow to them, checked for the syllable count of words and expressed this in the SFX
  • Dynamic backgrounds – an office is not intrinsically an interesting location, using a stereo background loop coupled with dozens of location and context based ambient sounds enabled for a dynamic environment that emphasised the players movement through the space
  • Stealth mode – hiding in bushes provided the player with a sanctuary, using filters and snapshot transitions made this an effective moment of calm
  • Collaborating with composer on behalf of dev team
  • Project was based out of the US, working out time management
  • Unity native implementation / .git source control