ROKI: Unity/FMOD – Narrative and puzzle sound design, music implementation, monster vocalisations


Rediscover magic and chart your adventure through this forgotten northern world of mystery and monsters. Find your courage, discover hidden paths, solve ancient puzzles and travel deeper through the icy land to learn the truth.

We join Tove on a fantastical journey to save her family. A journey that takes her deep into a hidden and long forgotten world of lost folklore filled with strange locations and even stranger creatures.

Explore the ancient wilderness, solve its mysteries, save your family in this modern adventure game for all.






  • Narrative and tone – there are some major tone shifts throughout the narrative of the game, mild jumpscares, awe-inspiring vistas, lonely voyages. Expressing these coherently was key as well as finding a method to allow the game’s characters to express themselves in these environments.
  • Huge varied game world – we had over 90 unique scenes, creating content and managing the transitions across a non-linear/branching game map was huge part of the project.
  • Music systems for pacing – as this was a puzzle game with exploration gameplay it was really important to keep the music fresh in moments when player might get stuck, but also be unobtrusive. To do this we had theme for each biome and triggered new lead stems shortly after entering each level.
  • Efficient design – we made a pretty big game with a really small team. It was important to focus our efforts on the biggest wins. The game had around 20 unique characters and we came up with an effective minimal emote based VO system to replace traditional voice-over
  • Dynamic music – each biome in our game had it’s own theme, each biome had multiple maps, maps could contain narrative sequences that required their own dynamic score moments, the entirety of Act 3 has an overarching progression to the music.
  • Puzzle feedback – finding the right audio material to appropriately reward a player’s success and redirect their mistakes or frustrations was an interesting challenge
  • Remote contractor for small indie team, hands-on development, minimal and efficient asset creation
  • Full implementation in unity visual scripting tool
  • .git source control, bugtracking with Jira