SURGEON SIMULATOR 2: Unity/FMOD – Modular level creation audio design, physics system, interactable props


Surgeon Simulator 2 injects a delirious dose of co-op fueled adrenaline straight into the heart of the original, cranking everything up to a whole new level. With all-new heart-in-your-mouth operations, 4-player co-op, and the bonafide Bossa Labs Creation Mode, get ready to explore an entire medical facility of wonder in this fully fleshed-out follow up!



Store: Epic Games

Composer: Grandmaster Gareth


  • User Level Creator Tool – when developing Surgeon Sim 2 we first built a level creator tool that we used to build the main story mode levels. This creation tool also shipped with the game. So all systems for dynamic music, SFX and VO were designed modularly and exposed to players.
  • Interactable props – as the player’s interface with the game world is a mildly coordinated hand, explicit and tactile audio feedback was required to let the player feel in control. The was made extra important by the potentially diverse uses that user created levels would require.
  • Function leading form – instead of designing the audio to exactly fit the form of our authored story mode levels, I tried to make the audio indicative of the function of the prop or environment. This as a way to further empower the broadest possible usage of the interactive props we built in the game for level creators
  • Physics interactions – we shipped with 140 props that could be grabbed, picked up and thrown, colliding with other items. For this I built a dynamic physics system that leveraged the combination of layers and pitch modulation to efficiently cover all of the myriad potential prop collisions.
  • Modular and dynamic music systems – in collaboration with the composer and design team we created a modular system that allowed us to score our authored levels but also provided the broadest possible options to players for scoring their own levels and experiences.
  • Granular tactile interactions – in many ways I approached the audio design for Surgeon Simulator 2 as if it were a VR game with special focus on small player driven interactions with props. See the video below for examples. 
  • Remote contractor for large indie team, managing a large project as a solo
  • Lead for music direction / voice art
  • .git source control, bugtracking with Jira



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