WORLDS ADRIFT – Unity/Wwise – Dynamic engines, complex music system, dynamic weather system, location based ambience


Worlds Adrift is a massively multiplayer online sky pirate simulator, heavy on physics interactions. Set in a world that has suffered a collapse of civilisation, inhabitants take to the skies to explore and survive. Developed by London’s Bossa Studios, makers of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. LookListen was brought on as an external provider to carry out the sound design and implementation in Wwise for the project.






  • Narrative/Lore – multiple races required definition in soundscape, characterisation of enemy npc’s that are rarely seen (but often heard), rewarding high hours players with unique audio content
  • Engines – the joy of this game is in it’s flight and exploration mechanics, there was a balance needed between power/impressiveness of high tier engines and the necessity for having this playing for long unbroken periods
  • Dynamic ambience – before engines players use sails, ambience helps to make the first flight exciting. The game are is separated by storms that serve as skill barriers, audio was key in making these feel dangerous and indomitable
  • Physics interactions – tuning the vast matrix of physics sounds was a large component of this project
  • Multiplayer interactions – meeting another player in the expansive world is a core experience, exploring the challenges and opportunities of massively multiplayer
  • Resource conservation – the game featured a massive contiguous world map, managing loading and unloading assets/banks and ensuring consistancy of underlying systems 
  • Remote contractor for large indie team
  • Lead for music direction / voice art
  • .git source control, bugtracking with YouTrack and DoneDone