SoundsForComa (COVID-19 Relief effort)

In collaboration with neuroscientists at Parisian sonic institute IRCAM, a team of doctors and intensivists at Hospital Sainte-Anne and composer Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra) we have been developing a therapeutic and dynamic soundscape composition app.

The initial purpose of the project was provide relief for ICU patients in coma. We were just beginning our first round of patient trials at the hospital when COVID-19 swept through Europe. The neuro-ICU at Hospital Sainte-Anne was converted to a pulmonary ICU as they too joined the front lines. In consultation with the doctors it was decided to immediately deploy the app for COVID patients.

A mechanically-ventilated patient experiencing passive exposure to the sounds4coma prototype at the Sainte-Anne Hospital Neuro-ICU unit.

As a group we have authored a public report detailing our process and the initial findings. It will be published in the near future.