Miniblog #7: Wwise – Careful with that Occlusion

Occlusion (the simulation of an audio source’s path to the listener) is switched on by default in Wwise. Occlusion is super great, the results you can get from it are amazing and quite essential for maintaining realism and [that word of words] immersion. But it’s not simple. Lots of games get it wrong. This is not […]

Miniblog #5: Wwise – Is That Parameter Event Triggering?

This one is very basic, but this simple trick saved my bacon the other day: I had a Wwise event that Set a Parameter Value and I couldn’t tell if it was working. So I tacked a Play Event with a very audible sound onto it. Once I triggered the event in-engine and heard my […]

Miniblog #4: Unity3D 5.4.x – Hidden low level Audio Settings

If you are importing audio in Unity3D (whether you are using the native audio tools or a solution such as Fabric) there are some SUPER-IMPORTANT low level audio settings that I didn’t find for quite some time. To my knowledge these options need to be set per audio file. To find these options, locate your audio […]

Miniblog #2: Wwise – Simple Footstep Implementation

  In the planning stage of a project I like to assign more importance to the sounds that occur most frequently. If you are making a first person or close perspective third person game then footsteps can rank highly on this list. However, this is likely dependant on the game you are making. Footsteps and foley can make […]