Miniblog #6: Define a Shared Language to Discuss Game Audio with your Dev

A quick note about a great idea from Nick Thomas, CEO of Somatone Interactive, taken from a video presentation that he gave. Have you also had a similar experience to me? Your dev tells you to go ahead and make whatever sound you like for a given asset/event. They have no preference. You hand in your SFX, something […]

Miniblog #5: Wwise – Is That Parameter Event Triggering?

This one is very basic, but this simple trick saved my bacon the other day: I had a Wwise event that Set a Parameter Value and I couldn’t tell if it was working. So I tacked a Play Event with a very audible sound onto it. Once I triggered the event in-engine and heard my […]

Miniblog #3: Print your sounds

One of the tricky parts of mixing a game is that to listen to the audio you need to play the game. And this takes up a certain amount of brain power. This could be solved by having someone else come in and play the game while you watch/listen, but that’s not always an alternative. So […]