Ali Tocher

Ali is the founder of LookListen. He was honoured as a BAFTA Breakthrough for ’20, a career development scholarship for creatives in Film, TV and Games. A sound design, implementation and production specialist, Ali’s career has seen him work across film, TV, web, live music and now focusing on games and interactive media. He is passionate about all types of games, especially narrative driven experiences and games that focus on emergent player driven interactions. The player’s experience is paramount to Ali’s sound design. Once upon a time, in his home country of New Zealand, Ali had the pleasure of being “squashed” by a CG catapult boulder in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Audio has been the through-running theme in Ali’s life and the joy he finds in it’s power is what drives him to work to share that magic with audiences all over the world.

Twitter: @Ali_LookListen




We’ve been honoured to work closely with some fine folks on projects over the years. We love being on a team. Here’s a shoutout to them:

Agatha Molska

Audio Designer (Röki, Surgeon Simulator 2)

Twitter: @AgathaMolska

Damion Sheppard

Audio Designer (Hogwash, Surgeon Simulator 2, Undisclosed)

Twitter: @damionsheppard

Alessandro Fama

Technical Audio Designer (Undisclosed)


Mihali Paleologou

Composer (Gotta Go, Dynamic Music Demo)


Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra)

Composer (Sounds For Coma)

Twitter: @HiddenOrchestra

Austin Wintory

Composer (The Bradwell Conspiracy, Undisclosed)

Twitter: @awintory

Murugan Thiruchelvam

Composer (Worlds Adrift, I Am Fish, Undisclosed)


Grandmaster Gareth

Composer (Surgeon Simulator 2)